Sich fallen lassen

Some of the titles just make more sense in german and this is one of them and is bit ambiguous.

Before going to Copenhagen I alway had the idea of sky diving together with some friends at Maido sky diving close to Braunschweig. But moving to Copenhagen changed my plans and never tried it out.

Till Anne came into the game.. While traveling in the camper, she just mentioned “lets go sky diving”… and I said yes as I always would :).

Few days later we slept close by an airfield with tandem sky diving possibilities and I just booked a 15.000 feet jump for both of us including a camera man filming us during the flight.

And I must admit that this was one of the best things I have done in my live. I have been pretty relaxed until we entered the plane and the door has been closed. Ascending for 15 minute gave me the chance to realise that we will jump out of the plane soon.

And than the door opens and you have to sit at the door and keep your legs hanging out of the plane.. At this time you brain is going totally crazy and you stop thinking because it does not make sense at all. An then you get pushed out of the plane and start falling which fells in your stomach like being in a roller coster for few seconds and then you start to enjoy the free fall.

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And enjoy the video on youtube :).

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