Born in Poland grew up in Germany, lived in Denmark and now exploring the world.

I was born in the industrial town Zabrze in Poland and spend the first 12 years of my life there. Joining a sport school there made me addicted to sport till now. My parents decided 1991 to emigrate to Germany for a bette live for their kids so since I was 12 years old, I became a Germany. So I have spend the first two years in Rosdorf and moved to the Harz Mountains afterwards. Later stations in my German live have been Wolfenbüttel, Goslar and finally the lovely small town Braunschweig. Wolfenbüttel covered me into a software developer which I still am. After 4 years of working for Siemens AG in Braunschweig and being involved into train control systems and traveling to China multiple time, I moved to Copenhagen Denmark. Copenhagen was a great time im my live where I had the chance to improve my english skills a bit and work with Linux on a radio communication system for train controls system. But after 5 years there I got a bit tired, quit my job and now traveling around the world for a year…


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